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In 1992 Front Line Assembly won MTV’s “Best Alternative Video” award for Mindphaser.  The video integrates clips from the 1989 Japanese sci-fi action film Gunhead.  In it, we see a small number of distinctively sartorial cyberpunk dudes driving machines, firing guns, finding their way to what look like control rods in a nuclear reactor. I rediscovered … Continue reading

On Bullshit (and Bargaining)

Below is my editorial from the just-released summer 2011 issue of The Global Educator:  This time, a prose poem: In the fog of a May Day hangover, Stephen Harper, our leader: a stable majority.  Greet the Canucks.  Average salary: $1.9 million.  Greet them at the airport as they drive away in mostly black Mercedes SUVs.  … Continue reading

New Music Discoveries: 2011 So Far

2011 is now half over, and below are my favourite new music discoveries to date.  The list is, appropriately for Canada Day, heavy on Canadian content (Austra, Braids, and Grimes).  During the past few years it seems moody, synth-driven, ‘new wave’ has made a significant re-emergence in Canadian pop, which to me seems appropriate to … Continue reading


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